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About us

About Brand Institute

The Brand Institute is a pioneering non-profit organization based in Bratislava, dedicated to the strategic development of branding, public policy, and community engagement. Established in 2009, we stand as a beacon of innovation and influence in Slovakia and beyond.

At Brand Institute, we focus on branding initiatives like the Rashori Platform, which connects innovative ideas with potential investors, and our Brand Creation Workshops that provide deep insights into effective brand building. Our initiatives are designed to bridge the gap between creativity and market viability.

Our strategic development projects include the Entrepreneur Index, which assesses and enhances the performance of Slovak businesses, and the Smart Strategy for Trnava, aimed at fostering regional competitiveness and enhancing quality of life through strategic public policies and practices.

We are also deeply involved in community and policy engagement, organizing public consultations to shape sustainable public policies and hosting networking events that facilitate meaningful exchanges between businesses, policymakers, and entrepreneurs.

The scope of our work extends to analytics and nation brand building, where we employ data-driven strategies to support decision-making and enhance Slovakia's reputation on the global stage. Our efforts in these areas aim to elevate the country’s brand and develop robust strategies that reflect the dynamic nature of today's global marketplace.

The Brand Institute operates as an independent, apolitical entity under the registration number 42174180. We are a resource and a hub for those looking to make a significant impact through branding and strategic innovations.

Business Activities Include:

  • Business, organizational, and economic consulting
  • Administrative services
  • Advertising and marketing services, market research and public opinion polling
  • Research and development in the field of natural, technical, social, and humanities sciences
  • Provision of extracurricular educational activities
  • Organization of sports, cultural, and other social events
  • Provision of support services for cultural and other social events

The Brand Institute is a voluntary association of citizens established under Act No. 83/1990 Coll., independent, open, apolitical, and aimed at fulfilling the needs and interests of its members through consultations, networking, education, training, and other necessary forms in the field of marketing and brand creation at all levels of economic and state-political activities.